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Okota OPC leader was rescued by an Igbo family (Photo)



Nigeria News

The Okota OPC leader, Demola, who was said to have survived the lynching of a mob, is currently recuperating at a hospital after being rescued by an Igbo family.

Demola: Okota OPC leader was rescued by an Igbo family (Photo)


Demola was reported to have stormed a polling unit with his boys to dsiruot proceedings there when the mob descended on him. Initial reports had it that he was burnt to death. But pictures of him at a hospital have proven the reports to be false.

A picture of the OPC leader at a hospital eas shared by an Instagram blog @postnaija with the caption:

“This is Demola, the notorious Lagos thug that snatched and burnt ballot materials with his boys in Ago, Lagos. He was reportedly rescued by an Igbo family living along the road who took him to the Hospital where he is recuperating.”