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Lecturer mistakenly opens pornographic slide during lecture



Nigeria News

A lecturer in an Asian University mistakenly launched a pornographic slide in class while taking his students on a course.

In a video posted on popular social medium, Twitter, the presentation could be seen sliding from one photo to another until it reached a video, which continued to play.

Lecturer mistakenly open pornographic slide during lecture lailasnews 3
Lecturer mistakenly open pornographic slide during lecture

The lecturer was not immediately close to where his laptop was and the slide played for close to 30 seconds before he rushed to close the Window.


Students who captured the video of the pornographic slide could be seen laughing at the background while some of them covered their faces with their books so as not to be defiled from the sight of the rather illicit video.

The video was eventually posted on twitter by a lady identified as Samantha and it may soon go viral.

She wrote:

A University lecture loaded a wrong presentation on his laptop.

The video cannot be posted here, however.