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Funke Felix playing with sudden death over Dollar seed



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Renowned Prophet of the Almighty God and leader of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish (Worldwide) Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan has criticised Nigerian female minister of the gospel, Reverend (Mrs.) Funke Felix-Adejumo over her Dollar seeds offering request.

Funke Felix-Adejumo playing with sudden death over Dollar seeds - MKO Tibetan lailasnews 3

In a video posted on YouTube by Asab Afrika TV, Adejumo is in the habit of telling her congregants or her host worshipers that it is the Holy Spirit that ministered it to her heart and not the host pastor, that the congregants should come out and donate certain amount of monies which range from a million Naira to $1000 (One Thousand Dollars) which in most cases is her standard price tag, asking them to drop such monies for a miracle of fortune, wealth or good luck to come their way.

Her manners are often rude and if not insolent as she barks or calls at the vulnerable congregants to ‘come out fast, fast, fast’ and in some instances, she will add ‘I don’t beg people to give o’. She either attach such unusual money taking exercise from the congregants to ‘raising of altars for your children’ or ‘money for next level’ and other nice to hear breakthroughs.


Funke Felix-Adejumo playing with sudden death over Dollar seeds - MKO Tibetan lailasnews 2
Funke Felix-Adejumo playing with sudden death over Dollar seeds – MKO Tibetan

And in many cases, she admonishes her ‘new converts’ to drop their account numbers with the host ministry or command them to take the ministry’s account number and pay; or better still asks for POS machines for instant money transfer. Her style is always pragmatic and without giving a chance to her ‘victims’ for thinking before acting.

She has become a victim of criticism from various section of the Christian community home and abroad including few respected men of God like Reverend Yomi Kasali. In this new video, Prophet MKO Tibetan, a gifted prophet and one of the few voices that is against church imperialism in Nigeria said Funke Adejumo is not being led by the Holy Spirit but by ‘aiding and abetting’.

The Prophet who just returned from a trip to Canada, France, London and Dublin was quite angry with Reverend Adejumo’s act that he decided to consult the Holy Bible and reeled out some Bible verses to knock out her obnoxious money grabbing antics from vulnerable Christians.

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Some of the Bible Quotations Prophet Tibetan used in knocking off Reverend (Mrs.) Funke Felix-Adejumo’s money grabbing tendencies are 2nd Corinthians 8:12-14, 2nd Corinthians 12:14-18 and Mark 8:1-10 among other Biblical references to educate and liberate vulnerable believers from the antics of prayer/faith selling agents.