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Drug gang busted in Ikoyi prison



Nigeria News

Members of a three-man drug syndicate, were, on Sunday morning, arrested for attempting to sell marijuana to inmates of the Ikoyi Prison in Lagos.

Drug gang busted in Ikoyi prison laialsnews


The suspects are: 22-year-old Ikuomola Abolade, who was arrested when he was trying to escape; Sodeeq Yunusa, an inmate, who is standing trial for alleged robbery; and the third unidentified person, who escaped.

A 10-year-old boy, who is part of the Intelligence and Monitoring Committee comprising selected officials of the prison, their wives, the drug unit and the police, had seen them throwing some packages into the Ikoyi Prisons facility.

He then quickly alerted the other members of the team. Abolade was, subsequently, arrested, while his colleague escaped. Yunusa, on the other hand, was caught on the CCTV recently installed in the prison.

A source told The Nation:

“But before the boy’s father could come out of their house, the suspects ran away and boarded a tricycle heading for Obalende.”

It was learnt that the boy’s father alerted his colleagues and together they chased the suspects in their vehicle and caught them at Obalende. Abolade was arrested in a commercial bus, but his colleague escaped.

The prison’s Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) was said to have captured Yunusa, the inmate, as he attempted to “catch the thrown parcels”.

It was gathered that when the parcels thrown into the prison facility were cut open, they contained Indian hemp with the street value of over N150,000.